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Articles from Vol. 47, No. 9, February

Cuba and the United States: A Personal Reflection on Thirty-Five Years of Conflict
Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and its eastern European satellites it was widely assumed that Cuba would soon go the same way; that Fidel Castro's downfall and Cuba's "return" to the "free world" was simply a matter of time, and in all likelihood...
Japan and the Global Policeman
As a democratic-minded U.S. citizen I condemn the rape of the Okinawa schoolgirl, for which three U.S. servicemen have been arrested. I believe militarism with its teaching and practice of violence and domination inflames male supremacist attitudes and...
Real Renewal for America: Time for Change, Time for Sharing
When under stress we Americans have a long history of listening to snake oil salesmen, con-artists, Ponzi schemers, and, of course, charlatan politicians. Some Congressional leaders and their right wing extremist followers in the 104th Congress are the...
The Ontario Election and After
The Ontario election of June 8, 1995 was disaster for the NDP (New Democratic Party) [Canada's social democratic party, founded in 1932 as an alliance of agrarian cooperative groups and labor. Adopting its current name in 1961, it is now primarily based...
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