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Articles from Vol. 42, No. 1, May

Capitalism Triumphant? the Evidence from "Number One" (Japan)
CAPITALISM TRIUMPHANT? THE EVIDENCE FROM "NUMBER ONE" (JAPAN) We live in interesting times. More commonly-held assumptions about how the world is structured have been shattered by the course of events in these last couple of years than in any year...
Marx And/or Freud: Joel Kovel and Psychoanalytic Theory
MARX AND/OR FREUD: JOEL KOVEL AND PSYCHOANALYTIC THEORY Monthly Review readers already know something about Joel Kovel from his writings on the Catholic Church and other subjects. But if they are not lucky enough to catch him on the Bard College campus,...
On Marzani's Exaltation on Communism
ON MARZANI'S EXALTATION OF COMMUNISM Carl Marzani (MR, January 1990) does a superb job in demolishing Brzezinski, Heilbroner, et al, whose exaltation of capitalism is found faulty, and justly so. Marzani's exaltation of communism, however, is tainted...
The Corporate Compromise: A Marxist View of Health Policy
THE CORPORATE COMPROMISE: A MARXIST VIEW OF HEALTH POLICY Over the past century medical care has evolved from a small cottage industry, through a period of rapid expansion as a charitable public service, to an enormously profitable and increasingly...
The Political Economy of U.S. Television
THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF U.S TELEVISION The analysis of television has several strands, ranging from its operation as a business to its functions as a politico-cultural institution. The primary focus here will be on the rapidly changing economic dimensions...
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