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Articles from Vol. 48, No. 9, February

Capitalism, Globalization, and Epochal Shifts: An Exchange
Ellen Meiksins Wood wants to know what is epochal about the shift in capitalism wrought by the new technologies (Monthly Review July/August 1996). Capitalism, she maintains, is still capitalism and is still bent on "extracting more value from labor"...
Does the U.S. Labor Movement Have a Future?
In 1935 the American Federation of Labor held its annual convention in Atlantic City. It was a tumultuous meeting. Workers throughout the nation's mass production industries were in a state of revolt against the devastation wrought by the Great Depression....
Efficiency and Welfare under Capitalism: Denmark vs. the United States; a Short Comparison
This article was sent to us at Monthly Review by Andreas Jorgensen weeks before his sudden demise. Our friend Jacques Hersh of Aalborg University provided this farewell tribute to this respected scholar and activist: The death of Andreas Jorgensen,...
Sexual Abuse and the U.S. Military Presence: The Philippines and Japan
I. The Philippines. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the Pentagon has been trying to re-assert and consolidate its Cold War position as the dominant military power in the Asia-Pacific region. In the Philippines this effort has met with growing...
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