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Articles from Vol. 47, No. 1, May

A Note on Kerala's Development Achievements
The most conspicuous feature of the Indian economy is that hundreds of millions of India's people live in conditions of appalling deprivation--in conditions of hunger, ill-health, homelessness, illiteracy, and subject to different forms of class, caste,...
A Note on "Market Socialism."
I would like to use this occasion to try to explain why we feel estranged from the topic. Let us agree that a vision of socialism is needed, a vision that has a universal inner essence but is also subject to considerable variety in the concrete, depending...
Economic Reminiscences
I was introduced to economics in the late 1920s. I took Ec A in my sophomore year, 1928-1929, and Taussig's advanced theory course (Ec 7 I think it was called) in the following year. What we learned was basically Marshallian theory with a little Austrian...
Notes from the Editors
Can ruling classes understand the societies they rule over? Perhaps in some cases, but certainly not in all and probably not in most. Capitalist societies in particular are structured in a way that makes such understanding virtually impossible. The individuals...
Notes on Writergate
As Hosannas over the collapse of the left fill the air, I have been taking a hard look at the League of American Writers (LAW), an organization in which many bright, opinionated, influential people were involved from 1935 through 1942. It was also an...
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