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Articles from Vol. 50, No. 6, November

Globalization and Internationalism: How Up-to-Date Is the 'Communist 'Manifesto?
The Communist Manifesto is the best known of all writings by Marx and Engels. Indeed, with the sole exception of the Bible, no other book has been translated so often or republished so many times. But what does it have in common with the Bible? Not...
On Gender and Class in U.S. Labor History
The relationship between gender and class, central to understanding the history of the labor movement, raises important issues for Marxist analysis in general. Grappling with the complexities of this relationship forces us to confront a wide range...
Rural Reaction and War on the Waterfront in Australia
It wasn't the usual forest fires or cuddly marsupials that put Australia briefly into the news around the world in mid 1998. Two events, unlike the bushfires or koala capers, illustrated the increasing tensions in Australian politics. On Saturday...
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