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Articles from Vol. 47, No. 8, January

China: Six Years after Tiananmen
Six years ago, immediately after the democratic movement was repressed in China, almost all Chinese liberal intellectuals and Western observers predicted that, without "political reform," "economic reform" would fail in China. Despite their warnings,...
Fascism and Antifascism: Yesterday and Today
I salute the organizers of this week's events for choosing the theme of fascism as the major topic for our deliberations. Fascism is again on the rise on both sides of the Atlantic and we all need to understand what fascism is, why it appears, and how...
Socialism under Siege
I Is socialism still a viable objective? Does Marxist theory still provide the most useful instrument for binding together the diverse strands of a left movement? For a majority of those who are now coming of age politically, even in the context of...
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