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Articles from Vol. 49, No. 7, December

Imperialism and NGOs in Latin America
By the early 1980s the more perceptive sectors of the neoliberal ruling classes realized that their policies were polarizing the society and provoking large-scale social discontent. Neoliberal politicians began to finance and promote a parallel strategy...
Mexico's Rising Inequality
Mexico, like most other Latin American countries, has seen social inequality significantly increase as free market reforms have been introduced. The transition from protectionist to free trade policies began, not in 1994 with the inauguration of the...
Music, Marxism, and the Hype about D.I.Y
When surveying the job landscape through the somewhat sheltered eyes of youth, any number of individuals, not surprisingly, find the "career" of musician imbued with far more interest, status and freedom from wage tyranny than most others. The appeal...
The Women Who Organized Harvard: A Feminist Model of Labor Organization?
Balloons transformed Harvard Yard on May 17, 1988, the day the "servants of the university," as workers were originally called, voted on whether to join the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW), an affiliate of AFSCME. "Ballooning"...
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