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Articles from Vol. 35, February

Belize - on the Rim of the Cauldron
Most accounts of Central America neglect to even mention Belize. However, policy-makers in Washington have quickly become aware of the strategic importance of this small country. Belize (formerly British Honduras) is the newest country in Central...
On Marxism and Ethiopian Student Radicalism in North America
The ideals and aims which motivate radical third world student movements generally reflect broader popular aspirations for political and socioeconomic change. Such movement are political in the sense that, going beyond narrow educational goals and...
The Future of Nuclear Power
Economic forecasts can generally at best merely emphasize significant tendencies. Attempts to account for turning points or other specifics, even (or perhaps especially) when they emerge from computer models, are usually foolhardy endeavors. But...
The Left and the 1984 Elections
In an interview with James Reston (New york Times, November 1, 1983), Speaker of the house of Representatives Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. is reported as saying of President Ronald Reagan: He only works three to three and a half hours a day. He doesn't...
Toward the Democratic Opening in Latin America: The Case of Brazil
Dictatorship, authoritarianism, corporatism, fascism, and repression characterize much of the past and present history of Latin America. Reinforcing these tendencies has been the hegemony of domestic ruling classes in league with U.S. policymakers...
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