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Articles from Vol. 39, No. 6, November

Free Trade and Protection: The U.S.- Canada Case
FREE TRADE AND PROTECTION: THE U.S.-CANADA CASE Few issues arouse so many mixed feelings of fervor and trepidation in Canada as the question of free trade between Canada and the United States. The fervor stems from the much touted argument of neoclassical...
International Cooperation - a Way Out?
INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION--A WAY OUT? The more the capitalist world falls into disarray, the louder rise the cries about the need for international cooperation to set thing aright. One does not have to look far to find the evidence of disorder. Wide...
More on Liberation Theology and Marxism
MORE ON LIBERATION THEOLOGY AND MARXISM It was with great interest that I read Fred Carrier's essay "Liberation Theology and Marxist Economics' (MR, January 1987). As a student of both Liberation Theology and Marxist scholarship, I would like to...
Political Realignment in Canada?
POLITICAL REALIGNMENT IN CANADA? It seems that there is something of a political realignment under way in Canada. In September 1984, a Tory government was elected to Ottawa with a significant share of the popular vote and a record number of seats....
Race versus Class? More on the Rainbow and Class Politics
RACE VERSUS CLASS? MORE ON THE RAINBOW AND CLASS POLITICS Collins' reply to my review of her book, The Rainbow Challenge, published in the June issue of Monthly Review, grants that "class is everywhere' (including in the U.S.) and that "class conflicts...
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