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Articles from Vol. 48, No. 2, June

Imperialism and Culturalism Complement Each Other
Capitalism is always ready to reward academics and publicists who provide plausible exculpatory explanations for its crises, failures, and crimes. Frequently the most effective are those that play upon the prejudices and supersitions of the prescientific...
Left Feminism and the Return to Class
Most contemporary feminist theory has owed at least some of its substantive content to the works of Marx and Engels. And yet a closer examination of the "marriage" of Marxism and feminism - to use Heidi Hartmann's now well-known phrase - indicates a...
"Of Course Murder": On a Sort of Homage to Kurt Tucholsky
"For four years there were whole square-miles of land upon which murder was obligatory, whereas only half an hour away it was just as strongly prohibited. Did I say `murder'? Of course murder. Soldiers are murderers." These words, written by the German...
The Agony of Neo-Liberalism or the End of Civilization?
The defeat of neo-liberalism is no longer a question for debate. The triumph of neo-liberalism never occurred, the economic model of the free market is disintegrating before our eyes, and in the countries of Eastern Europe the words and expressions comprising...
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