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Articles from Vol. 50, No. 11, April

Churchill, Stalin, and the Greek Revolution
Even before the end of the Second World War, the British intervened militarily in Greece, with over seventy thousand troops, to crush the Left and prepare the way for the restoration of a discredited and reactionary monarchy. Prime Minister Winston...
Contradictions in the Universalization of Capitalism
A central, perhaps the central, idea of economic liberalism has always been that a market society organized on the basis of individual self-interest is the natural state of humankind, and that such a society is bound to prosper - through an almost...
Mandela's Democracy
The Tribal Model of Democracy In his speech from the dock, at his 1962 trial for inciting African workers to strike and leaving the country without a passport, Nelson Mandela described the initial formation of his political ideas: "Many years...
Noam Chomsky and the Struggle against Neoliberalism
Neoliberalism is the defining political economic paradigm of our time - it refers to the policies and processes whereby a relative handful of private interests are permitted to control as much as possible of social life in order to maximize their personal...
Political Reawakening in Zimbabwe
In Zimbabwe, is a post-nationalist politics propelled by progressive currents finally on the horizon? Has fatigue associated with the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union's (ZANU's) malgovernance and economic mistakes finally reached a breaking point?...
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