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Articles from Vol. 48, No. 6, November

Reflections on the Recent Work of Sheila Rowbotham: Women's Movements and Building Bridges
Sheila Rowbotham is an active British socialist feminist as well as a political-historical writer. Growing up intellectually and politically in the Marxist tradition as shaped by Edward and Dorothy Thompson, growing and changing in struggles lost and...
Russian Workers under the Yeltsin Regime: Notes on a Class in Defeat
When in 1917 the Russian proletariat made the first socialist revolution in human history and then defeated the exploiting classes in the civil war it set out to build a workers' state, or the dictatorship of the proletariat as a vehicle for socialist...
The Blessings of Private Enterprise
Years ago, my father drove a delivery truck for the Italian bakery owned by his uncle Torino. When Zi Torino returned to Italy in 1956, my father took over the entire business. The bread he made was the same bread that had been made in Gravina, Italy,...
Whose History Is It?
Given what went into the project to create National Standards for History, that is, guidelines for the teaching of history in America's schools, one might have expected that it would be as appreciatively received as the National Standards prepared for...
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