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Articles from Vol. 48, No. 7, December

Cuba: Love and Self-Reliance
I took William Smaldone's "Observations on the Cuban Revolution" (Monthly Review, April 1996) with me on my visit to Cuba last spring with the U.S./Cuba Labor Delegation. I believe that we would all benefit by discussions of the questions raised by Smaldone,...
Democracy and Human Rights: China and the West
The purpose of this article is to present theoretical and empirical arguments which try to transcend mainstream debates on democracy and human rights. First, it argues that promotion of democracy and human rights has never been the main goal of foreign...
In Defense of Utopia
Many socialists have a knee-jerk reaction against the word "utopian" that comes from not quite comprehending the Marxian critique of the utopian socialists. Marx and Engels disputed not their vision of life in socialist society but their unrealistic...
The World Economy, Market Imperatives and Alternatives
In the crisis after 1974, social democratic governments like Sweden's and technologically ascendant countries such as Germany seemed to be moving in very different directions from other capitalist countries. Today, these divergent economic paths seem...
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