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Articles from Vol. 50, No. 8, January

A Classic of Our Time: 'Labor and Monopoly Capital' after a Quarter-Century
Three years ago, on the occasion of its silver anniversary, Contemporary Sociology, the American Sociological Association's book review journal, published a special section on the ten most influential books of the previous twenty-five years. Each book...
Before Braverman: Harry Frankel and the American Workers' Movement
What was so great about Harry Braverman? The question, obviously rhetorical, elicits a predictable response in academic circles, where the author of Labor and Monopoly Capital (1974) is deservedly praised for a text that literally christened the emerging...
Braverman and the Class Struggle
I. Since Paul Sweezy gently rejected my first submission to Monthly Review in 1972, he and Harry Magdoff and all of the MR writers and staffpersons, living and deceased, have been my mentors, helping me to see things more clearly and to act more...
On Twenty-Five Years with Braverman's 'Labor and Monopoly Capital'
I was extremely pleased to have the opportunity to read, once again, Braverman's Labor and Monopoly Capital and to reflect on the last twenty-five years. While the years seem to gallop now, I want to try in this brief time period to capture a few moments...
The International Motor Vehicle Program's Lean Production Benchmark: A Critique
The Lean Production Benchmark At the time of the first Binghamton conference in 1978 the Big Three automakers were operating with master agreements and pattern bargaining, and there were no Asian auto assembly transplants in North America. Shortly...
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