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Articles from Vol. 55, No. 7, December

Monthly Review: Fifty Years Ago
Though many books are published today by American social scientists, few convey any great understanding of our society as a whole. Studies of particular aspects and of limited situations we have aplenty. But for the most part we look in vain to the...
Notes from the Editors
On October 27,2003, the New York Times ran a guest column on its Op-Ed page by David L. Kirp entitled "How Much for That Professor?" The piece, which was about universities spending big bucks to get professors with star power, focused in its opening...
Q&A regarding 'The Global Minotaur'
Al Goldberg, an MR reader, sent us five questions regarding our article, "The Global Minotaur" (MR July-August 2003). Answering them may help clarify a number of important issues brought to light by our article as well as issues which are always current...
The Demand for Order and the Birth of Modern Policing
Why were the modern police created? It is generally assumed, among people who think about it at all, that the police were created to deal with rising levels of crime caused by urbanization and increasing numbers of immigrants. John Schneider describes...
U.S. Hegemony: Continuing Decline, Enduring Danger
"Global hegemony" might be defined as a situation in which one nation-state plays a predominant role in organizing, regulating, and stabilizing the world political economy. The use of armed force has always been an inseparable part of hegemony, but...
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