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Articles from Vol. 47, No. 7, December

Globalization versus Labor
What is Globalization? A specter is haunting the workers of the world--the specter of globalization. In recent years the term globalization has been bandied about so much that its meaning seems self-evident. This globalization trend is discussed and...
Nicaraguan President Violeta Chamorro: Five Years of "Structural Adjustment."
The impact of what has happened in the last five years in Nicaragua can be grasped only against the background of the previous period. Thus this article begins by reaching back ten years to an important event which captured something of the spirit of...
Public Broadcasting in the Age of Communication Revolution
U.S. conservatives are attacking the federal subsidy that supports public broadcasting with great fervor this year. Although the grant to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), and National Public Radio (NPR) likely...
The Politics of Free Trade: The Global Marketplace as a Closet Dictator
Since NAFTA passed in the fall of 1993, a lot has transpired. As one who opposed NAFTA in a number of debates leading up to the vote it is tempting to say to NAFTA supporters "I told you so," but the recent stories in the American business press on the...
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