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Articles from Vol. 43, No. 7, December

Class Societies: The Soviet Union and the United States. Two Interviews with Paul Sweezy
I. Kiyoshi Okonogi: On September 6, Gorbachev and Yeltsin stated the failure of their socialist model in the televised interview with Peter Jennings of ABC. How do you observe their response? What started out as an attempt to establish a...
Monopoly Capital after Twenty-Five Years
Monopoly Capital by the late Paul Baran and myself was published twenty-five years ago this year, and on the whole I think it holds up pretty well when judged in the light of all the developments and changes that have taken place in this eventful quarter...
Reply to Kim Scipes
Our purpose in editing Building Bridges was to stimulate a dialogue; we thank Kim Scipes for continuing that dialogue. We deliberately included contributors with a range of attitudes toward the questions that Scipes raises, including some very close...
Reply to K.T. Ram Mohan
K.T. Ram Mohan takes issue with several points in our article, "Kerala State, India: Radical Reform as Development" (MR, January 1991). Mohan contends that Kerala still suffers from being part of the capitalist world. We agree and never claimed otherwise....
Understanding Keralam: The Tragedy of Radical Scholarship
Of all Indian states, perhaps next only to West Bengal, MR enjoys the widest currency in Keralam (Kerala).(*1) Also, Samir Amin is a very familiar author among the serious students of social sciences in the state. To them, his observations on the...
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