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Articles from Vol. 49, No. 9, February

Confronting the Time Bind: Work, Family, and Capitalism
Socialists have long contended that capitalism produces distinctive and undesirable structures of time. Marx argued that capitalism created an ineluctable downward pressure on wages, forcing workers to work long hours in order to earn enough to sustain...
Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education
Recent events at two large North American universities signal dramatically that we have entered a new era in higher education, one which is rapidly drawing the halls of academe into the age of automation. In mid-summer the UCLA administration launched...
New Labour and the Reorganization of British Politics
Commentators struggled to find words to express last year's Conservative Party defeat in Britain: "wipeout," "meltdown," and "annihilation" were among the favorites. Few believe the Conservative Party will be in any shape to mount a serious challenge...
The Uncontrollability of Globalizing Capital
The Iranian diaspora is an extraordinary community, but one not often noted in the Western press. This community can be compared to the Russian diaspora of the 1890s, or the German of the 1930s. That is to say, an exiled community of an often revolutionary...
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