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Articles from Vol. 47, No. 11, April

Five Theses on Actually Existing Marxism
(Dedicated to the memory of William Pomerance) First Thesis "Postmarxisms" regularly emerge at those moments in which capitalism itself undergoes a structural metamorphosis. Marxism is the science of capitalism, or better still, in order to give depth...
Observations on the Cuban Revolution
For a U.S. leftist who has long called for an end to the embargo against Cuba, a recent visit to the island raised some probing questions for me. Conversations with many Cubans forced me to reassess my instinctual opposition to U.S. policy. Leading Cuban...
Ponting's Churchill - a Reply
I do not like Ponting's book and I disagree with John Newsinger's review. Ponting is relentlessly negative and meanspirited. There is not a generous word for Churchill in all the book's 900 pages, and few for anyone else. Everything in his life and...
Responsibility of the Press: NPR and Mumia Abu-Jamal
Recently, the National Public Radio program, "Weekly Edition" hosted by Neil Conin, aired an extended report on the case of Pennsylvania death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal, by NPR reporter Scott Simon. The emphasis and general tone of the piece not only...
The Great Irish Famine: A Crime of Free Market Economics
Writing in the Nation newspaper in the early summer of 1847, John Mitchel described a journey through Connaught. He and his companions arrived at a village where they had been hospitably received two years earlier: But why do we not see the smoke curling...
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