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Articles from Vol. 49, No. 5, October

A Revolutionary Life
While Cuba declares 1997 "Ano del 30 anniversario de la caida en combate de guerrillero heroico y sus companeros" (the year of the 30th anniversary of the death in combat of the heroic guerrilla and his comrades), American leftists ponder the meaning...
Britain's Opium Wars
It is a little known fact that during the reign of Queen Victoria, the British capitalist state was the largest drug pusher the world has ever seen. The smuggling of opium into China was by the 1830s a source of huge profits, played a crucial role in...
Che's Revolutionary Humanism
Global neoliberalism parades victoriously through our era, monopolizing its discourse and ideology. To confront the inherent perversity of the capitalist system's universal domination we need, more than ever, alternative modes of thinking and acting...
Do Maquiladoras Matter?
While English words have been flooding into Spanish for most of the century, a few words have gone in the opposite direction. Over the past decade working people in the United States have started hearing more and more about 'maquiladoras.' Originally...
Latin America: Thirty Years after Che
In the decade preceding Che Guevara's death and in the three decades following, revolutionary politics has ebbed and surged in four great waves. Revolutionary politics reflects regional variations in different historical moments, following diverse strategies...
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