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Articles from Vol. 46, No. 10, March

Memories of Carl Marzani
I visited with Carl the day before he died. He had lived eighty-two years, and although his body was debilitated by a cohort of wasting illnesses, his mind remained wondrous sharp. He knew his death was imminent (he said, "I guess it's about time to...
Multiculturalism and the History of Mathematics
We hear much about the necessity of learning about other cultures than our own, so called "western," culture, which is supposed to be in many ways "Eurocentric." I would like to show you with some examples how this has worked rather naturally in the...
Next in Line for NAFTA? Images from Chile
In June begins the strange atmospheric inversion of Santiago's winter. Tears and burning eyes interfere with the view of pristine snow recently fallen on the foothills of the Andes. Seventeen years of pro-development, free-market policies under the military...
Toward the Future?
Two articles in Monthly Review (March 1994) brought out once again the need to rethink our Enlightenment belief in the function of explanation in guiding us toward the future. William Tabb on Japanese capitalism and Isidor Wallimann on the world industrialization...
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