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Monthly Review is a magazine specializing in Educational topics.

Articles from Vol. 51, No. 1, May

An Interview with Ellen Meiksins Wood
After several years spent working closely with the magazine, Ellen Meiksins Wood - the historian and critic of political theory - officially joined Harry Magdoff and Paul Sweezy in March 1997 to become the first new editor of Monthly Review in thirty...
An Interview with Harry Magdoff
The twentieth anniversary issue of Monthly Review in May 1969 carried the announcement that Harry Magdoff - the independent economist - had officially joined Paul Sweezy as co-editor, replacing Leo Huberman, who had died in 1968. Born in 1913 in...
An Interview with Paul M. Sweezy
A founding editor of Monthly Review, Paul Sweezy has made widely recognized contributions to economics, history, and political analysis. Born in 1910 in New York City, son of a Wall Street bank executive, Sweezy attended Philips Exeter Academy and...
Introduction: A Socialist Magazine in the American Century
In a human life, attainment of the fiftieth year, while cause for reflection, is nothing exceptional, statistically speaking. For a magazine of the American left, fifty years is a veritable eternity. Simply to reach the age is a stunning achievement....
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