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Articles from Vol. 44, No. 6, November

After Rio
What I shall do today is first to give a very brief report on the Rio conference, which I attended as a correspondent for Monthly Review and the Bulletin of the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers Union. Then I want to locate the Earth Summit within...
Alternatives to Free Trade: A Critique of the New Orthodoxy
Not long ago, a correspondent on the Progressive Economists' Network, an electronic mail network in which I participate, posed the question: What is the alternative to free trade? The correspondent was Canadian and he wanted to challenge his government's...
A Speech for Brooklyn College
What did you expect? The shit has hit the Man. YO! HOW YA LIVIN?--HOW YA LIVIN?! Don't push me man cause I'm close to the edge I'm just trying not to lose my head It's like a jungle sometimes I really wonder how I keep from goin under... -Grandmaster...
Privatization in Russia - the Road to a People's Capitalism?
Boris Yeltsin's government has been issuing a succession of laws and decrees on privatization whose scale and ambition make Margaret Thatcher's "sale of the century" look like a village jumble sale. While this is meant to impress the IMF that Russia...
The Truth about the First Thanksgiving
Over the last few years, 1 have asked hundreds of college students, "When was the country we now know as the United States first settled?" That is a generous way of putting the question. Surely "we now know as" implies that the original settlement...
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