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Articles from Vol. 46, No. 8, January

China at the Brink: Class Contradictions of "Market Socialism." (Part 2)
Many Must Get Poor Second Of all the ideological pronouncements by Deng Xiaoping in advocating "market socialism," the idea that "some must get rich before others" has met with the most unqualified success. The "new wealth" enjoyed by many leading party...
Notes from the Editors
Toward the end of his life, Engels wrote: "It is a peculiarity of the bourgeoisie, distinguishing it from all former ruling classes, that there is a turning point in its development after which every increase in its means of power, that is in the first...
The Future of Capitalism: Does Capitalism Represent the Best Humanity Can Ever Hope to Achieve?
A few years ago, someone referred to the period we're living in as "the end of history." What he meant was that there had been fundamental changes in economic and social systems in the past, but this would no longer be the case. The collapse of communism...
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