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Articles from Vol. 47, No. 5, October

Government and Social Insurance: A View from the Left
A massive assault on "big government" dominates American politics. It began with Reaganomics in the early 1980s and received a powerful ideological boost from the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe a decade later. It is gaining momentum in the 1990s...
Notes from the Editors
Monetary populism - a belief that society's economic ills are caused by a faulty or mismanaged monetary system - has been a recurring theme, especially in hard times, throughout U.S. history. There was a bitter struggle over the Bank of the United States...
The Current Struggle for Philippine Sovereignty
Philippine - U.S. relations appear to be on the verge of a radical and retrogressive shift - reinstating the U.S. military dominance of the island nation after it had been seriously challenged by the Senate's defeat of the bases treaty in 1991 and returning...
The Ideology of Competitiveness
The necessity of competitiveness has been hammered home by governments, corporations, and the media to the point that it is taken for granted, a fact of life that is so obvious that we unthinkingly acquiesce to its dictates. Competitiveness has been...
The Ideology of Russia's Rulers in 1995: Westernizers and Eurasians
I As Trotsky predicted in his analysis of Soviet society sixty years ago, the rejection of a planned economy has indeed resulted in profound economic and social regression on the territory of the former Soviet Union. The theoretical power of classical...
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