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Articles from Vol. 56, No. 8, January

Fifty Years Ago
Many people have asked me over the past year or so how it feels to tangle with the Senator from Wisconsin.... Well, there is a certain philosophy involved here, and I shall give you frankly my confession of faith. In the great battle that is being...
This article, written shortly after a massive volcanic eruption in May 1902 at the port of St. Pierre in the Caribbean island of Martinique, reflects Luxemburg's intense interest in events outside of Europe and her fervent opposition to European colonialism....
Notes from the Editors
An essential aspect of any modern democratic society is a communications system that enables rather than disables public debate. Yet the mass media in the advanced capitalist societies are highly concentrated, controlled by a few owners (on the extent...
On Revolutionary Medicine
This simple celebration, another among the hundreds of public functions with which the Cuban people daily celebrate their liberty, the progress of all their revolutionary laws, and their advances along the road to complete independence, is of special...
Prevention and Solidarity: Democratizing Health in Venezuela
Halfway up the hill, in a semi-finished, rustic house, a sheet divides the consulting room from the treatment room. Rarely is there a need to identify oneself upon arrival. "How are you Mr. Antonio, has your pressure decreased?" says the fifty-three-year-old...
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