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Articles from Vol. 52, No. 2, June

Alienation in American Society
This lecture was presented to a student conference on "Socialism in America" held at Yale University in 1964. It was later issued as a pamphlet by Monthly Review Press, but has been out of print for many years. It may seem odd to reissue it here, since...
A Question of Place
This piece was originally read on WORT radio (Madison, WI) on March 27, 2000. It also appeared in the April 2-8 issue of the weekly Michigan Citizen ( On February 29, 2000, a first grader in the Buell Elementary School in...
Notes from the Editors
On keeping the MR flag flying: Between us there are 177 years of life. The issue of continuity has plagued us for some time and we have from time to time explored and experimented with ways of maintaining the unique tradition of MR as an independent,...
The Political Economy of the Twentieth Century
The Belle Epoque The twentieth century came to a close in an atmosphere astonishingly reminiscent of that which had presided over its birth--the "belle epoque" (and it was beautiful, at least for capital). The bourgeois choir of the European powers,...
The Threat of Fascism in Austria
For the first time since the Second World War, the extreme right is a major component in a national European government. [1] The Freedom Party of Austria (FFO) has half of the posts and the Deputy Chancellorship in its coalition with the conservative...
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