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Articles from Vol. 54, No. 2, June

Coming to the Aid of Women in U.S. Prisons
I first became involved in the criminal justice system in 1976, when I was completing my graduate work in counseling psychology in Albany, New York. The last phase of the program required an internship--750 hours of fieldwork. The professor who...
European Labor: Social Dialogue, Social Pacts, or a Social Europe?
Asbjorn Wahl For many years the European trade union movement has demanded a "social Europe" from European governments and the European Union(EU). If the integration of Europe were to be successful, it had to be accompanied by a strong social...
Social Justice and Globalization: Are They Compatible? (Review of the Month)
In a speech in 1999, Henry Kissinger, secretary of state under Presidents Nixon and Ford, candidly remarked that "globalization" is another term for U.S. domination. (1) Such clarity tends, in itself, to negatively answer the question posed in the...
Violence as a Tool of Order and Change: The War on Terrorism and the Antiglobalization Movement
September 11, it is said, has changed everything. However true or not this may be--and I tend to think that it is not very true at all--one thing it certainly should have changed is the loose manner in which the adjective "violent" has been appended...
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