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Articles from Vol. 68, No. 11, April

A New Revolutionary Subject
This exchange with Greek journalist Tassos Tsakiroglou was conducted in advance of the conference on "150 Years of War Marx's Capital: Reflections for the Twenty-First Century," held in Athens in January 2017. The interview first appeared in the Greek...
A Teachers Union against Itself: Organized Labor and the Crisis at City College of San Francisco
For much of the past half-century, employer attacks, deindustrialization, and declining membership have hobbled organized labor in the United States. The weakened capacity of unions to protect members' jobs and improve their standard of living has hurt...
Neofascism in the White House
There is a shadow of something colossal and menacing that even now is beginning to fall across the land. Call it the shadow of an oligarchy, if you will; it is the nearest I dare approximate it. What its nature may be I refuse to imagine. But what I...
Notes from the Editors
Much has been made ofthe support of white workers, including union members, for Donald Trump. But while Kim Moody ("Who Put Trump in the White House?") and others have shown that the depth of this has been exaggerated, there is no doubt that it did exist....
Who Is Behind the Assault on Public Schools?
Over the past three decades, public schools have been the target of a systematic assault and takeover by corporations and private foundations. The endeavor is called "school reform" by its advocates, while critics call it corporate school reform. Finnish...
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