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Articles from Vol. 66, No. 2, June

Labor and "Ed Deform": The Degradation of Teachers' Work through Standardized Testing and the New York City Evaluation System
The biggest threat to education today is the corporate education reform movement-what many of us call "Ed Deform." It is also the biggest threat to teachers' working conditions. Changes in education legislation are creating new government-funded markets...
Marx on Gender and the Family: A Summary
Many feminist scholars have had, at best, an ambiguous relationship with Marx and Marxism. One of the most important areas of contention involves the Marx/Engels relationship.Studies by Georg Lukács, Terrell Carver, and others have shown significant...
Notes from the Editors
Samir Amin's Review of the Month in this issue, "Popular Movements Toward Socialism," offers a masterful analysis of struggles all over the world in the era of what he calls "generalized-monopoly capitalism." The most important theoretical innovation...
Popular Movements toward Socialism: Their Unity and Diversity
The Movement Toward SocialismThe following reflections deal with a permanent and fundamental challenge that has confronted, and continues to confront, all popular movements struggling against capitalism. By this I mean both those of movements whose explicit...
Rupert Murdoch: Not Silent, but Deadly
Rupert Murdoch is unquestionably the single most important media figure of our times. He is a dominant force in the journalism and politics of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Whether the world would be the same with some other person...
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