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Articles from Vol. 70, No. 6, November

Cuba's First Military Doctors
Cuba's deployment of military doctors to Africa in the 1960s was a secret, known only at the highest level of government. In fact, accounts of these hidden efforts were not published until the beginning of the twenty-first century.Multiple forces during...
Notes from the Editors
The Review of the Month for this issue of Monthly Review, "Value Isn't Everything" by John Bellamy Foster and Paul Burkett, was written for the Autumn 2018 issue of the quarterly journal International Socialism. Due to what we regard as the immense theoretical...
Renminbi: A Century of Change
This article provides an overview of the evolution of the renminbi in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.1 In tracing the political and economic changes of the modern currency system, we find that 1992 was the first year that the renminbi became...
The Social Character of Value
The excerpt is taken from Chapter III, "A Criticism of Smith's Analysis," in Rosa Luxemburg's 1913 work, The Accumulation of Capital (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1951), 67-69.Luxemburg explains that lacking a clear conception of the twofold distinction...
Value Isn't Everything
The rapid advances in Marxian ecology in the last two decades have given rise to extensive debates within the left, reflecting competing conceptions of theory and practice in an age of planetary ecological and social crisis. One key area of dispute is...
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