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Articles from Vol. 70, No. 9, February

Capitalism Has Failed-What Next?
Less than two decades into the twenty-first century, it is evident that capitalism has failed as a social system. The world is mired in economic stagnation, financialization, and the most extreme inequality in human history, accompanied by mass unemployment...
Fighting for Migrant Workers in Hong Kong
The precarious state of migrant workers has become a major area of concern for the contemporary global economy. In Southeast Asian regions in particular, the number of migrant workers has spiked since the 1990s. In the city of Hong Kong, domestic migrant...
New Means of Workplace Surveillance: From the Gaze of the Supervisor to the Digitalization of Employees
IntroductionIn the last twenty years or so, workplace surveillance has attracted a great deal of attention from academics and the mainstream media.1 This is explained by the proliferation of new electronic means of workplace surveillance, which are increasingly...
Notes from the Editors
Climatologist James Hansen's "Climate Change in a Nutshell: The Gathering Storm," written in December 2018 and known as the Nutshell document, is, in our opinion, the single most important analysis currently available for general readers seeking to stay...
Scholarship on the Rise of the Right: Liberal Historians and the Retreat from Class
The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within the spectrum.-Noam ChomskyStudies of American conservatism appear practically everywhere. Focusing chiefly,...
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