Vol. 12, No. 1, 2014

Spatializing Memory
At first glance, it seems to be not so easy to combine the temporal term "memory" with the spatial term "periphery" in a logical way. It's hard to think of fringes or margins in the temporal dimension, on the one hand, and think of a (not metaphorical)...
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The Bedouin-Arab Historical Memory: Documenting the Silenced Voices of the Margins1
We took the children there because we want them to experience the hope. We took our children there so that they know that they had land. They should know where they came from because every person must know these tilings. The idea is for them to know...
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Vol. 12, No. 1, Winter

Centering Mnemonic Peripheries: From Heroic Victors to Deserving Victims
In this short meditation on the state of memory studies, I would like to challenge the central presupposition informing this volume. Namely that "much of the research in the field of memory studies still focuses on the alleged 'center' of society and...
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Central and Peripheral Perspectives in Autobiographical Memory
In some memories, I now see myself in the past scene, with the events playing out as from an observer's perspective. In other cases, I remember the episode as from my original perspective, now inhabiting the same perspective as I did then. Many people...
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Between the Therapeutic and the Democratic? Mediating Disability Memories Online1
IntroductionAs scholars in the social sciences and humanities have theorized, we are currently experiencing the rise of an auto/biographical society tied to new forms of digital technologies and consumer culture in which "life stories are everywhere"...
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Memory and Periphery in Ireland
Capitals often tend to dominate national histories. The island of Ireland has been mostly studied from the point of view of documents compiled and archived by a central administration based in Dublin, or by higher echelons in London. This metropolitan...
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Gossip and the Formation of Periphery over Time
There are few more poignant demonstrations of the role of memory in the formation of periphery than Norbert Elias' and John Scotson's study of people living in adjacent suburban developments of the English town of Leicester in the late 1950s and early...
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Vol. 11, No. 1, 2013

Mixed Feelings: Migrant Women's Experiences of Food, Eating and Home in Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand1
AbstractThis article considers the relationship between food, eating and home for a group of eleven migrant women, each from a different country, currently living in Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand. Interviews and cooking sessions with these women prompted...
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Researching the Urban Reflexively: Feminist Methodological Issues1
AbstractThis article offers a critically reflexive approach to conducting feminist geographical research on and with feminist activists and activism in Milan. It addresses embodied methodologies in geographical research and draws on reflexivity as a...
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Bodies and Places in Jerusalem: Gendered Feelings and Urban Policies
AbstractThis paper revisits earlier work on gender and the city (Fenster, 2004, 2005, 2007) and proposes another perspective on how feelings of discomfort, disbelonging and lack of attachment can be attributed to the contextualization of women's bodies...
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The Changing Relationship between Civic Engagement and Paid Work of Women in a Rural Area in the Netherlands, 1993-2007(1)
AbstractIn "Bowling alone: America's declining social capital," Robert Putnam (1995) discusses the decline in civic engagement in the United States. According to Putnam, the increasing labor market participation of women is one of the main factors that...
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Women's Ventures in a Rural Context: Livelihood and Identity
AbstractThe Spanish rural area continues to undergo a process of transformation that lias impacted society and space in an unequal way. The process of dismantling agriculture, together with demographic loss, have pushed rural society to seek alternatives...
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Stretching Mothering: Gender, Space and Information Communication Technologies1
AbstractThis research reports on interviews with 35 mothers in Hamilton, New Zealand, about their use of information communication technologies (ICTs) to develop and maintain emotional links with their children. It is informed by work on gender, communications,...
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"The Little Kingdom over Which God Made You Queen":1 the Gendered Reorganization of a "Modern" Arab Home in Turn-of-the-Century Beirut
ABSTRACTBeginning in the second half of the nineteenth century, the major urban centers of Greater Syria underwent significant changes. Following the Tcmzimat. and provincial reforms of 1864 and the ensuing efforts at centralization and modernization,...
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Floating Young Men: Globalization and the Crisis of Masculinity in Japan
AbstractThis paper highlights a recent change in Japanese men and masculinities in relation to nation and nationalism, as well as the idea of home and domesticity. The prevalence of non-regular employment in the labor market has drastically increased...
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Gender, Space and Time: Women and Higher Education
Dorothy Moss, Gender, Space and Time : Women and Higher Education (Lexington Books, London and Lanham, MD: 2006), 273 pp., ISBN 13:978-0-7391-0997-7.This book represents a departure from much of the research on women in contemporary higher education...
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Women, Religion and Space; Global Perspectives on Gender and Faith
Karen M. Morin and Jeanne Kay Guelke (eds.), Women, Religion and Space; Global Perspectives on Gender and Faith (Syracuse University Press, Syracuse: 2007), 216 pp.First, a disclaimer: I am not a geographer. My interest in space as an analytic category...
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Exploited and Protected: Ecofeminist Theory of Nature, Culture and Society in Israel
Edna Gorney, Exploited and Protected: Ecofeminist Theory> of Nature, Culture and Society in Israel (Pardes Publishing, Haifa: 2011), 146 pp. (Hebrew).The ways we understand nature (and the world) prescribe the way we treat it, and these ways of understanding...
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Inside Out: Women Negotiating, Subverting, Appropriating Public and Private Space
Teresa Gómez Reus and Aránzazu Usandizaga (eds.), Inside Out: Women Negotiating, Subverting, Appropriating Public and Private Space (Rodopi, Amsterdam/New York: 2008), 364 pp.There is great importance in understanding the various ways in which women...
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Cities and Sexualities
Phil Hubbard, Cities and Sexualities (Routledge, New York: 2012), 254 pp.Hubbard's book is a new and important addition to the Routledge series. Critical Introductions to Urbanism and the City. As such, its aim is both to explore "the role of the city...
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It is a particularly great pleasure for me to write a few words of introduction that will serve to launch this special issue of Hagar devoted to the complex relations of spaces and their gendered articulation. As senior editor of Hagar, I seldom take...
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Introduction: Bridging Gendered Diversity in a Globalizing World
On July 8-10, 2010, we were among fifty men and women from fourteen countries who assembled at the monastery of the Sisters of Zion in the village of Ein Karem, in Jerusalem, for a scholarly meeting of the International Geographical Union Commission...
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The Body within Home and Domesticity: Gendered Diversity
AbstractThis article looks at some aspects of the patriarchal relations surrounding the body, the home and domesticity. It sheds light on the body as the home of the self and on the home as the place of the body. Although ostensibly separate, the self,...
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