Research in Applied Economics


Vol. 5, No. 2, 2013

Financial Development and Economic Growth in SSA: A Panel Econometric Approach
AbstractIn this study, we examine the long run relationship between financial development and economic growth in 24 Sub-Saharan countries in Africa. The study explores the spatial impact in explaining the relationship. We examine the stationarity and...
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The Debate over the Relationship between Income Inequality and Economic Growth: Does Inequality Matter for Growth?
AbstractThe last twenty years have seen an increasing interest by economist for understanding the effects that income distribution has on economic performance, and even though economic theory has focused traditionally in issues such as productivity and...
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Access to Microfinance by Rural Women: Implications for Poverty Reduction in Rural Households in Ghana
AbstractIn view of the recent evidence that the impact of microfinance is being overstated, this study assesses the causal link between receiving credit from a microfinance institution and poverty reduction among rural households in the Upper East Region...
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Does Finance Promote Growth in Botswana?
AbstractThe discourse on the finance-growth connection is yet to be laid to rest. This paper contributes to the discourse by analyzing data (1981-2010) from Botswana. The paper uses Fully Modified Ordinary Least Squares regression technique and Pairwise...
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The Incidence and Costs of Education-Occupation Mismatches in Canada: Evidence from Census Data
AbstractThe incidence of educational mismatch and the costs resulting thereof, are examined from the perspective of gender and nativity status, using Canadian census data. Mismatches arise when individuals are "over-educated" or "under-educated" relative...
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Empirical Performance of Monetary Aggregates in BEAC and BCEAO
AbstractThe aim of this study is to compare empirical performance of traditional as well as Divisia monetary aggregates. This evidence comes from the comparison of their relative performance in terms of real GDP and inflation within 1992.1 and 2007.4....
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Perception of Information Security of Management of Banking and Insurance Companies in Countries of Western Balkans
AbstractIn this paper it is described aspects of standardisation of information security and its implementation in banking and insurance companies in countries of Western Balkans. In terms of approaching the standards of EU, one of the areas that need...
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Vol. 5, No. 1, 2013

Food Crop Farmers' Willingness to Participate in Market-Based Crop Insurance Scheme: Evidence from Ghana
AbstractThe study assesses food crop farmers' willingness to participate in market-based crop insurance scheme in the Kintampo North Municipal of Ghana, using primary data solicited from 120 farmers in April 2010. The study employed descriptive statistical...
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Entrepreneurship in Greece: A Way out of the Crisis or a Dive In?
AbstractThe goal of the current article is to examine the status and role of entrepreneurship in the Greek economy. It presents data on entrepreneurship and business demographic data as size classes, employment, value added and business failure. It also...
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Mexico Needs to Proactively Educate Maquiladora Workers
AbstractMexico is not known for an outstanding public education system. Rankings are less than needed to advance the manufacturing sector and move into a more competitive high-tech model to support the needs of North America and fight offthe constant...
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The Market Valuation Hypothesis of Dividend Policy: New Evidence from Japan
AbstractThis paper explores the determinants of the dividend policy in Japan. First, our empirical investigations reveal that in contrast to the US case, the dividend premium is neither the determinant of the dividend initiations nor the continuations...
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An Empirical Analysis of House Price Bubble: A Case Study of Beijing Housing Market
AbstractIncreases in house prices can lead to higher house price volatility, a significant determinant of default and the prepayment of housing loans (Miles, 2008). Many researchers believe that significant growth in house price has the potential to...
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Will Sub-Saharan Africa Meet the Millennium Development Goals and Does It Matter?
AbstractIn 2000 the largest gathering of world leaders in history met at the United Nations to endorse the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and these goals have received wide-spread attention since then. This paper examines these goals and also considers...
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Vol. 4, No. 4, 2012

Revisiting the Leading Economic Indicators
AbstractLeading economic indicators have long been a tool of American economists, particularly those working in the business sector, for anticipating turning points in the business cycle. Armed with knowledge of likely peaks and troughs in the pace of...
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Developing Countries' Experience with Neoliberalism and Globalisation
AbstractThis study analysis developing country's experiences of the last three decades after many of these countries had adopted neoliberal economic policies. An attempt is being made to study their achievements in terms of reducing poverty and unemployment....
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The Contribution of Economic Sectors to Economic Growth: The Cases of China and India
AbstractChina and India have recently achieved spectacular economic growth where GDP per capita grows rapidly in both countries. Thus, this study examines the contribution of economic sectors to economic growth in both countries by using time series...
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Vol. 4, No. 3, 2012

An Outline of the Concept of Entrepreneur: Tradition and Modernity
AbstractTo be an entrepreneur supposes a special sense of forecast, a certain attitude regarding the activity carried out as well as unique responsibilities. Over time, a problem in entrepreneurship research has been the difficulty of defining the concept...
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Financial Development and Human Capital in South Africa: A Time-Series Approach
AbstractThis is a time-series study that investigates the relationship between human capital and financial development in South Africa for the period of 1965-2005. The paper uses four measures each for both financial development and human capital. With...
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The Effect of Macroeconomic Instability on Economic Growth in Iran
AbstractEffect of macroeconomic instability on the economic growth through the use of time series data and macroeconomic instability indicator in the years from 1974 to 2008 is the main objective of this study. For this purpose, a regression equation...
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Vol. 4, No. 2, 2012

Regional Economic Disparities as Determinants of Student's Achievement in Italy
AbstractWe use a statistical (multilevel) approach to study the relationship between Math Scores and individual-level and school-level factors. The sample contains data about 21,336 students sorted into 163 schools. Our results show that students attending...
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Fair Value between Perception and Reality
AbstractMany of the authors are presenting the advantages of fair value, but there are voices contesting this concept, because of its volatility and the tendency to subjectivism, to the manipulation of used models for evaluation.Among the advantages...
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Vol. 4, No. 1, 2012

Privatisation in Botswana: A Case of Firsts Not Happening First?
AbstractThe late 1980s and early 1990s were characterised by unprecedented waves of privatisation in the world. Like other developing economies, Botswana jumped into the bandwagon and laid the legal framework for privatisation by way of promulgating...
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Outcome of Macroeconomic Instability (A Case for Iran)
AbstractThere is no unique threshold between stability and instability for each macroeconomic variable. Rather, there is a continuum of combinations of levels of key macroeconomic variables, including growth, inflation, fiscal deficit, current account...
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