Contemporary School Psychology


Vol. 16, 2012

The California School Psychologist Supports School Psychologists in Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Children and Youth
This is the first of two volumes of Contemporary School Psychology that will devote special sections to the key role school psychologists play in meeting the social and emotional needs of children and youth. In the past year, broad legislative changes...
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Mental Health in Schools: Moving in New Directions
It has long been acknowledged that a variety of psychosocial and health problems affect learning and performance in profound ways. And school policy makers have a lengthy history of trying to assist teachers in dealing with problems that interfere with...
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A Grounded Theory for Identifying Students with Emotional Disturbance: Promising Practices for Assessment, Intervention, and Service Delivery
A qualitative grounded theory study examined how practicing professionals involved in the ED identification process reconstructed the category of "emotional disturbance" as it applied to students in an alternative educational setting. A grounded theory...
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School Psychologists' Knowledge and Use of Evidence-Based, Social-Emotional Learning Interventions
This article describes the results of a national survey pertaining to school psychologists' knowledge and use of evidence-based, social-emotional learning (SEL) interventions. For the study, 331 school psychologists responded to a survey that listed...
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Establishing Positive Discipline Policies in an Urban Elementary School
Researchers and school practitioners alike are finding positive outcomes in the proactive practices of schoolwide positive behavior supports (SWPBS). However, reform through such systemic efforts as SWPBS is a challenging endeavor. For SWPBS to reach...
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Optimizing Home-School Collaboration: Strategies for School Psychologists and Latino Parent Involvement for Positive Mental Health Outcomes
Public schools across the United States are experiencing an increase in Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) students, particularly those of Latino descent. Latino children are at a highrisk for mental health problems (i.e., depression, anxiety,...
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Intrinsic Motivation to Learn: The Nexus between Psychological Health and Academic Success
Intrinsic motivation (IM) to learn, if cultivated, can lead to many academic and social/emotional improvements among K-12 students. This article discusses intrinsic motivation to learn as it relates to Self Determination Theory and the trouble with relying...
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Creating Readiness for Response to Intervention: An Evaluation of Readiness Assessment Tools
Response to Intervention (Rtl) is a promising approach for meeting the needs of all students in our nation's schools. However, attempts to shift to an Rtl model are likely to be ineffective if the unique features of a school as a system are not considered...
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Tiered Models of Integrated Academic and Behavioral Support: Effect of Implementation Level on Academic Outcomes
This exploratory study examined (a) Integrated Systems Model (ISM) implementation levels, and (b) the effect of implementation of the academic and behavioral components of ISM on student academic outcomes. Participants included 2,660 students attending...
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No-Suicide Contracts with Suicidal Youth: Mental Health Professionals' Perceptions and Current Practice
Commonly used in clinical and medical settings, no-suicide contracts (NSCs) solicit commitment from suicidal individuals not to attempt suicide. The prevalence of community and schoolbased Mental Health Professionals' (MHPs) use of NSCs with suicidal...
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Vol. 15, 2011

Selective Mutism: A Three-Tiered Approach to Prevention and Intervention
Selective mutism is a rare anxiety disorder that prevents a child from speaking at school or other community settings, and can be detrimental to a child's social development. School psychologists can play an important role in the prevention and treatment...
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The Student Engagement in Schools Questionnaire (SESQ) and the Teacher Engagement Report Form-New (TERF-N): Examining the Preliminary Evidence
Student engagement in school is an important construct that has been associated with student success. For the current study, researchers examined the psychometrics of the Student Engagement in Schools Questionnaire (SESQ) and the Teacher Engagement Report...
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A Summary and Synthesis of Contemporary Empirical Evidence regarding the Effects of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program (D.A.R.E.)
The prevention of drug abuse is an especially salient topic for school psychologists and other educational professionals. Schools are the primary setting for providing education and information aimed at the prevention of drug abuse. Previous meta-analyses...
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School Psychologists Working with Native American Youth: Training, Competence, and Needs
Despite growing emphases on multicultural competence, Native American youth remain tremendously underserved by schools: low achievement, high dropout rates, and over-identification for special education persist. The authors analyzed responses of 403...
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A Bilingual (English & Spanish) Psychoeducational Assessment MODEL Grounded in Cattell-Horn Carroll (CHC) Theory: A Cross Battery Approach
The Individual with Disabilities Education Act mandates nondiscriminatory assessment for children who are culturally and linguistically diverse. Because of the overrepresentation of English Language Learners (ELL) in special education programs in the...
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Creating Lasting Behavioral Change through the Generalization Analysis Worksheet
The goal of any behavioral program is to facilitate lasting change. A significant criticism of behavioral programs is that they work in the clinical setting but do not generalize once the clinical program is stopped. The authors suggest that behavioral...
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Proust and the Squid
Book Review: Proust and the Squid Proust and the Squid by Maryanne Wolf 2007, HarperCollins, New York, 306 pgs. $15, ISBN: 978-0-06-093384-5We were never born to read.The provocative premise begins author Maryanne Wolf's excavation into the art and mystery...
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The California School Psychologist Becomes Contemporary School Psychology: CSP Continues to Link Theory and Practice
This first volume of Contemporary School Psychology marks yet another important milestone in the efforts of the California Association of School Psychologists (CASP) to provide its members and the profession with timely and practical scholarship. As...
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Perspectives of Special Education Directors on Response to Intervention in Secondary Schools
Despite intensified interest in secondary school applications of Response-to-intervention (RtI), research in this area remains sparse. This study utilized a qualitative focus group methodology to explore special education directors' perceptions of current...
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Tier III Assessments, Data-Based Decision Making, and Interventions
Within the Response-to-Intervention framework, students who fail to profit from high-quality general education instruction, accommodations, and supplemental instruction progress to a more intensive intervention program, sometimes referred to as "Tier...
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Response to Intervention (RtI) in the Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Domains: Current Challenges and Emerging Possibilities
As many schools move toward a three-tier model that incorporates a Response to Intervention (RtI) service delivery model in the social, emotional, and behavioral domains, school psychologists may provide leadership. The decision-making process for filtering...
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