Estonian Journal of Ecology

Covers all fields of ecology, including biotic and abiotic environment, interactions between human and natural systems across temporal and spatial scales, in both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, past and future changes in the environmental quality, and sustainable use of natural resources.

Articles from Vol. 63, No. 2, June

Climate Change Effects on Shallow Lakes: Design and Preliminary Results of a Cross-European Climate Gradient Mesocosm Experiment
INTRODUCTION Climate change is expected to significantly change temperature regimes and precipitation patterns across the world (IPCC, 2007; Bates et al., 2008), with implications for the nutrient status of lakes. In the northern temperate zone,...
Effect of Salinity on the Growth Rate and Nutrient Stoichiometry of Two Baltic Sea Filamentous Cyanobacterial Species
INTRODUCTION The Baltic Sea with a total area of almost 400 000 [km.sup.2] is one the largest brackishwater basins in the world with surface water salinity ranging from 10 practical salinity units (PSU) in the southernmost parts of the sea to below...
Spatiotemporal Variability in the Eelgrass Zostera Marina L. in the North-Eastern Baltic Sea: Canopy Structure and Associated Macrophyte and Invertebrate Communities
INTRODUCTION Seagrasses form a diverse ecological group of phanerogams that inhabit the intertidal and shallow sublittoral areas along temperate and tropical coastlines The paper was presented at the 16th annual seminar of the Marine Biology...
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