Covers a wide range of the humanities and social sciences with preference to broader theoretical attitude and a possible interdisciplinary approach.

Articles from Vol. 14, No. 3, September

Are the Links between Academic Achievement and Learning Motivation Similar in Five Neighbouring Countries?
1. Introduction Recently, much psychological research has been carried out to find universal phenomena across nations, for example in the structure of personality (McCrae et al. 1996), in self-esteem (Schmitt and Allik 2005), in beliefs and values...
Community and Human Well-Being in an African Culture
1. Introduction What is community? And what role does it play in enabling individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations in the Commonweal, otherwise known as the commonwealth of people? These are questions that philosophers have grappled with...
Herbal Landscape: The Perception of Landscape as a Source of Medicinal Plants
1. Introduction Early ethnobotanical studies were usually focused on simply documenting the traditional botanical knowledge (Guarrera 1999, Giday et al. 2003, Ali-Shtayeh et al. 2000), often taking the data out of its context. In recent times, more...
Primary and Secondary Law-Making in the Renewed EU
1. Introduction The article focuses on primary and secondary law-making in the European Union (hereinafter EU). As the notion of democracy has different dimensions--one can distinguish between universal and liberal democracy, democracy in external...
Ukraine's Constitutional 'Saga': Ukrainian Media Reflections of the Constitutional Process
1. Introduction A massive European polity, yet a teenager in the family of European democracies, the Ukrainian state is arguably a "vital part of the new Europe" (Wilson 2000:315). This 'new' Europe, previously divided and sidetracked by devastating...
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