Covers a wide range of the humanities and social sciences with preference to broader theoretical attitude and a possible interdisciplinary approach.

Articles from Vol. 9, No. 4, December

Justification, Skepticism, Irreverence: Or Why Science Is Different from Faith and Rhetoric
1. Introduction When I grew up, in the second half of the last century, the two sets of statements below would be considered common knowledge. 1. Scientists justify their claims by means of logic and systematic observation. They do not take anything...
On the Route to Pedagogical Eros. A Reading of Plato's Symposion According to Its Inherent connections/Auf Dem Weg Zum Padagogischen Eros ein Versuch, Platons Symposion in Seinem Inneren Zusammenhang Zu Lessen
1. Das Spiel mit den Zeiten in Platons Symposion Der Leser wird von Platon im Symposion(1) zu einem eigenartigen Vexierspiel eingeladen, indem er uns der Fiktion nach aus zweiter Hand an einem Gastmahl teilnehmen la[ss]t, welches Agathon, der Sieger...
Public Administration as a Field of Study: Divergence or Convergence in the Light of 'Europeanization'?
1. Introduction Although acknowledgement of Public Administration as a field of study acquired attention in the work of Christian Wolff already during the 1730s, it was Woodrow Wilson's essay "The Study of Administration" (1887) that consolidated...
The Facilitating Effect of the Hierarchical Organisation of Concepts to the Syllogistic Reasoning
1. Introduction The traditional tasks of logical reasoning can be both strikingly easy and extremely difficult for adults as well as children. From the four possible conditional reasoning problems, modus ponens (if p then q, p, therefore q) seldom...
Thomas Abbt's Vom Tode Fur das Vaterland (1761) and the French Debates on Monarchical Patriotism
1. Introduction At the height of the Seven Years War (1761) when Frederick the Great's Prussia was facing military defeat, a small treatise entitled Vom Tode fur das Vaterland (On Dying for the Fatherland) was published in Berlin. In this treatise...
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