Covers a wide range of the humanities and social sciences with preference to broader theoretical attitude and a possible interdisciplinary approach.

Articles from Vol. 21, No. 3, September

Anthropological and Ethnographic Elements in Indian Parallel Films: A Study of Homophobia in Indian Society
Abstract. The paper attempts to study the presence of homophobia prevalent in Indian society and its representation onscreen through parallel films. It also studies the relevance of these films, which are comparable to ethnographic films in terms of...
Being a Muslim Gay Man: A Systematic Review
Abstract. This article presents a systematic discussion on how Muslim gay men protect their image and identity in an Islamic ambience, which can be threatened as a result of self-identifying and coming out as gay. The overarching question of this systematic...
Jean Monnet before the First European Community: A Historical Perspective and Critic
Abstract. Jean Monnet is known as the father of the European Union. His involvement in the early stages of the European integration process was crucial for the later development of the European Communities. His previous contributions to the international...
Jewish Communities in the Political and Legal Systems of Post-Yugoslav Countries
Abstract After the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the Jewish community within Yugoslavia was also split up, and now various Jewish communities exist in the seven post-Yugoslav countries. Although all of these communities are relatively small, their size,...
Technology-Oriented Regulatory Model in China and the West: A Contextual Analysis of Digital Rights Management Architecture
Abstract In China, a mere copying and pasting of the regulative skeleton from the West aiming to enhance the quality of regulations would always invite criticism. With respect to the legal system of intellectual property rights protection, especially...
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