Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal

Provides a platform for debate among diverse academic and practitioner communities who address a broad area of business and management issues across the globe.

Articles from Vol. 4, No. 3-4, July-October

Cash Flow and Supply Chain Relationship in New Product Quality in Auto Industry
Introduction The role of information technology in contemporary organizations continues to expand in scope and complexity and has a dramatic effect on business operations. Information systems are widely used in the banking sector, these systems...
Flexible Organization
1. Introduction Flexible organization is that which understands the essence of change. Key-question for managers and modern firms' entrepreneurs to answer is: "What is happening with the environment and what are we supposed to do to adapt?(Bacanu,...
Managing Diversity in Public Organizations
Introduction and Methodology of the Article The new century has been marked by a generalized sense that traditional work arrangements are inadequate to address the challenges organizations encounter today. The shifts from an industrial to an information-based...
Organizational Learning Capabilities of Nurses in Iran
Introduction How organizations achieve sustainable competitive advantage, is one of the issues challenging today's competitive world (Dess et al., 2002). Better & faster learning than competitors are the only source of strength and survival...
Relationship between Organizational Culture and Strategy Implementation: Typologies and Dimensions
Introduction Now days, no organization can go on its mission and last in the world of competition without maintaining a strong advantageous culture. The study on the effects of organizational culture was started in 1980s, today is matching itself...
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