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Provides articles on criminology and criminal justice that focus on knowledge about and from Africa and Africans worldwide that could enrich the discipline in a progressive direction.


Vol. 9, No. 1, May

Challenges of Providing Security in Lagos State: The Case of Corporate Private Security Organizations
Introduction and Statement of the ProblemSecurity has become all-embracing, touching on every aspect of human endeavor because of the human and industrial development brought about by civilization (Mayah, 2003). Odinkalu (2004) avers that society is...
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African Americans and Racial Profiling by U.S. Law Enforcement: An Analysis of Police Traffic Stops and Searches of Motorists in Nebraska, 2002 - 2007
IntroductionEmpirical research to date suggests significant practice of racial profiling in law enforcement. This research presents the picture of Nebraska's traffic data for any indications of disparate treatment of minorities, between 2002 and 2007....
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A Study on Nigerian and U.S. College Students' Views on Justice Issues
IntroductionWhile crime is a universal issue, how cultures respond to it vary. Some societies use an informal, restorative justice approach, and others use a formal, punitive approach. People's views on justice issues is often a function of their socialization,...
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Vol. 6, No. 1/2, November

The State of Private Security Companies in Trinidad and Tobago: Towards the Development of a Governance System
AbstractIncreasingly throughout the Caribbean, more commercial and non-militarized kinds of private security comprise security governance today. The escalating spate of serious crimes -- mostly at the urban level, coupled with the inability of traditional...
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Human Trafficking: The Modern Day Slavery of the 21st Century
AbstractThe transatlantic slave trade (ancient slavery) in which Africans were captured, chained and transported to Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States to work as slaves was officially abolished around 1807. Unfortunately, human trafficking...
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Vol. 5, No. 1/2, Fall

Analyzing the Evolution of Private Security Guards and Their Limitations to Security Management in Nigeria
AbstractThe origin of the proliferation of private security companies (guards) in Nigeria can be traced to the systemic failure and inefficiency that adorn the public security sector, which exhibits blatant inability to meet the security needs of the...
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