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Provides articles on the European integration debate and on Romania's role in an enlarged European Union

Articles from Vol. 16, No. 4, December

Climate Policy of the European Union: What to Expect from the Paris Agreement?
BackgroundEuropean Union's (EU) CO2 emission and climate policies are undergoing fundamental changes driven by environmental and energy security concerns that cause energy generation and demand to face a challenge of decarbonisation (Grosjean et al.,...
European Union - Asia-Pacific Trade Relations: Tentative Bilateralism Amidst Competing Plurilateral Initiatives
IntroductionAs the world's largest trading bloc, the European Union (EU) has for many years been one of the major guardians of multilateralism. However, the EU's focus is currently on bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs). Over the last seven years,...
Migration Drivers, the EU External Migration Policy and Crisis Management
The Mediterranean migration flows are not unexpected to migration experts. The upward trend of migration in all the corners of the world was predicted more than two decades ago (Castle and Miller, 1993). Demographers further warned about the flow from...
The Lost and Forgotten Lesson of German Reunification and How It Can Relaunch the European Union Project
Long and medium term trends manifested within the European Union projectThe long term perspectiveThe European Union has been particularly affected by the economic crisis that began in 2008 but there is to mention that its contribution to growth (world...
The Participation of Austria and Hungary in the Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development of the European Union. A Comparative Analysis
The significance of the framework programmes for research and technological development of the European Union is constantly increasing. In Horizon 2020, the current framework programme of the EU, 80 billion euro will be distributed among researchers...
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