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Provides an intellectual platform for social-scientific studies, a platform in which research in alternative paradigms for economic and social inquiry could be jointly presented and debated. Facilitating a productive dialogue among the researchers of different persuasions, the journal seeks to promote an interdiscursive exchange over the issues of theoretical, practical, and historical importance, and to stimulate research that explores the weaknesses and strengths of different paradigms in dealing with the rich array of problems, puzzles, and complexities in economic, political and social processes.


Vol. 16, No. 1/2, 2014

Households' Intergenerational Structure and Participation in Associational Activities: The Role of Interpersonal Trust 1
1. IntroductionA large literature has emerged over the last fifteen years or so on the economic benefits of interpersonal trust and, more generally, social norms, including Knack and Keefer (1997), La Porta et al. (1997), Temple and Johnson (1998) and...
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The Familial Network Influence on Fertility Behaviour in Tunisia
(ProQuest: ... denotes formulae omitted.)1. IntroductionAs originally formulated by Becker (1960/1965/1974), the opportunity cost of women's time mainly determines the children number. Additionally as argued by Heckman (1974) both the chance of benefiting...
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Elements of Modernization of Islam at the Transition from Ottoman Empire to Modern Turkey: In the Case of Orthodox Islam 1
1. IntroductionThere is an old saying that Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia not only geographically but also culturally. Huntington says that "a bridge is an artificial creation connecting two solid entities but is part of neither. When Turkey's...
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Estimation of Money Demand Function through Partial Adjustment Model
(ProQuest: ... denotes formulae omitted.)1. IntroductionMoney demand holds a key position in macroeconomics in general and monetary economics in particular. The knowledge of the factors affecting the demand for money is crucial in the conduct of monetary...
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Vol. 12, No. 1, 2010

Local Governance in the MENA Region: Space for (Incremental and Controlled) Change? Yes, Promoting Decentralized Governance? Tough Question
Abstract. My paper draws on a multidisciplinary approach (political science, world politics, and sociology) to explain the current political dynamics of the MENA region, focusing on the Arab countries. It uses democracy and local governance as a central...
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Rural "Participation" and Its Framework in Tunisia
Abstract. For two decades, Tunisia has been involved in reducing subsidies, promoting the liberalization of trade, and privatizing public enterprises. The rural sector is concerned notably with the establishment of Agricultural Development Groups (ADGs)...
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Introduction to the Special Journal Issue: Spaces for Change? Decentralization, Participation and Local Governance in the Middle East/North Africa Region
One of the critical factors that positively influence democratic transition in developing countries is the phenomena of decentralized governance. This is the capacity of institutions and political leaders to share power and responsibilities in accordance...
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The State from Below: Local Governance Practices in Jordan
Abstract. This paper explores how the local level - as a space - is contested, and how processes of struggle between different forces that interact and intersect at the local level affect the transformation of the state from below. Based on the assumption...
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The Complexities of Inclusive Participatory Governance: The Case of Moroccan Associational Life in the Context of the INDH
Abstract. This article examines the liberalization and reform process that has been championed by the Moroccan monarchy since 1999. After the coronation of Mohammed VI, special attention has been given by the state to terms such as "participation", "good...
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Assessing Mayors' and Council Members' Perceptions on Improving Community Involvement and Municipal Performance: The Case of Palestinian Local Governments
Abstract. Enhancing community involvement and municipal performance are among the major issues, which are now under debate in the majority of the developed as well as emerging countries. To do so, various mechanisms may be employed such as using regional...
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Assessing Local Governance Innovations in Morocco in Light of the Participatory Budgeting Experience in Brazil: The Case of "Civil Society" Federations (Espaces Associatifs) in Al Haouz Province
Abstract. This paper examines local governance innovations in Morocco in light of the Participatory Budgeting experience in Brazil. Based on empirical fieldwork (in the case of Morocco), and an extensive literature review (in the case of Brazil), the...
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Women and Local Democracy in Turkey
Abstract. This study focuses on the role of women's civil society organizations in developing women's participation in political activities at a local level in Turkey. Based upon an empirical study conducted on ten women's organizations in Istanbul,...
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Vol. 11, No. 2, 2009

A Comparison of Conditional Volatility Estimators for the ISE National 100 Index Returns
Abstract. We compare more than 1000 different volatility models in terms of their fit to the historical ISE-100 Index data and their forecasting performance of the conditional variance in an out-of-sample setting. Exponential GARCH model of Nelson (1991)...
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Exchange-Rate Exposure and the Financial Sector
Abstract. In this study, we analyze the sensitivity of firms in Turkey's financial sector to fluctuations in exchange rates by using a market model. The existence of structural breaks is taken into account through the shifts in volatility by using the...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Association between the Organizational Culture and Performance Measurement Systems in the Turkish Manufacturing Sector
Abstract. Generally, the subject of this study is the relationship between organizational culture and performance measurement systems (PMS) in the context of the Turkish Business environment. Specifically investigated in this study are the changes in...
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Labor Force Participation of Married Women in Punjab (Pakistan)
Abstract. This paper highlights the factors that influence the decision of married women (in the age group of 16-60 years) to participate in labor force activities. Employing the probit model on 3911 observations it is found that women's age, women as...
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Vol. 11, No. 1, 2009

Government Spending and Economic Growth: Econometric Evidence from the South Eastern Europe (SEE)
Abstract. This paper provides further evidence on the relationship between economic growth and government spending. For the first time two different panel data methodologies have been applied to seven transition economies in the South Eastern Europe...
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Friend or Foe? Globalization and Turkey at the Turn of the 21st Century
Abstract. Globalization has been one of the most significant concepts of our time in terms not only of academic discussions but also of public debates. Accordingly, there has emerged a substantial literature in social sciences focusing on different aspects...
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Implications of Multiple Preferences for a Deconstructive Critique and a Reconstructive Revision of Economic Theory
Abstract. This article explores some of the implications of multiple preferences for modern economic theory. The implications in question open up possibilities for a productive deconstructive critique and an enriching reconstructive revision of many...
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The Headscarf Controversy in Turkey
Abstract. This article is based on a monographic field study, which was conducted in October 2007. In addition, the results of other studies on the headscarf issue conducted at different times between 2003 and 2007 have also been used to follow the development...
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