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Articles from Vol. 9, No. 3, July

Bilateral Trade between India and Canada: An Error Correction Model
The improvement of the trade balance of India vis-à-vis Canada can be attributed to the devaluation of Indian rupee as a part of the reform program in July 1991 and the subsequent depreciation of the Indian currency owing to the managed floating exchange...
Capital Inflows and Exchange Rate Variations under Economic Reforms in India
The inflows of foreign capital into India have been a mixed blessing for the economy. Capital inflows have been associated with increased investment and rising Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The main focus of the paper lies in analyzing the behavior of...
Impact of Exchange Rate on Export of Coconut Products from Sri Lanka
The specific objective of the study is to develop a multi-market model for the analysis of alternative policy options to increase exports of coconut products from Sri Lanka. Secondary data on the production and exports of coconut products are used. Simulations...
Investment, Marginal Q, and Net Worth: Evidence from Europe
The paper empirically studies the financing of investment under incentive problems. From the perspective of informational asymmetries among contracting parties, the firm does not behave as in the neoclassical framework. By contrast, it bears the restriction...
Testing of Savings-Growth Relationship in India: An Application of Cointegration and Error Correction Techniques
This paper mainly attempts to examine the causal nexus between Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and savings (at 1993-94 prices) in India, using the annual observation from 1950-51 to 2002-03. Although a number of studies have shed light on this issue using...
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