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Articles from Vol. 78, No. 3, 2007

Cross-National Learning in the Formation of British Planning Policies 1940-99: A Comparison of the Barlow, Buchanan and Rogers Reports
The paper investigates the processes of cross-national learning in three British planning studies that had an important role in shaping subsequent policies, namely the Barlow Report (1940), the Buchanan Report (1963) and the Rogers Report (1999). It...
Expanding Cities: A Grounded Conceptual Model That Allows Comparing Systems of Greenfield Land Development
When a city expands land use at the fringes has to be converted into urban land use. Surrounding land has a fixed position and is non-urban by definition. Within Western Europe, an intriguing variety of systems for this land conversion are being applied....
On the Planned Environment and Neighbourhood Life: Evidence from Mixed-Tenure Housing Developments Twenty Years On
This paper examines the extent to which the planned environment can help create and sustain socially mixed communities. It reports on research into three planned mixed tenure neighbourhoods twenty years following their development. It focuses on the...
Planning for Growth and Growth Controls in Early Modern Northern Europe: Part 2: The Evolution of London's Practice 1580 to 1680
Following an earlier explanation of planning practices in various cities on the Continent, with their emphasis on expansion, this second paper examines more closely England's century-long experiment with growth prohibitions for London to combat plague...
'The Problem of Social Cost': The Coase Theorem and Externality Explained: Using Simple Diagrams and Examples to Illustrate the Role of Land Use Planning in Tackling Externalities1
This paper seeks, with the help of simple conceptual drawings common in the fields of economics and planning, to (a) survey the evolution of the Coase theorem; (b) offer a logical account of the relationship between the farming examples in Coase's 'The...
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