ARMA Records Management Quarterly

Professional journal on records and information management.

Articles from Vol. 26, No. 4, October

Configuration Management's Concept of the Living Document:
I first encountered configuration management when I was hired as a records manager by the Los Angeles Transportation Commission. Since this agency is building an ambitious rail transit system to help overcome the city's gridlock nightmares, its records...
Destruction of Records ... Your Legal Obligations!
All organizations destroy records. Preferably, records are destroyed under a records retention program when they are no longer needed for any legal, user, historical or other purpose. Records are also destroyed after microfilming or scanning as part...
Managing Project Records
Project management and project records tracking are activities where records management has much to contribute as a professional service. Organizations that perform technology research, manufacture technology products, or offer services that are technology...
The Information Age Has Arrived or 'Much Ado about Everythin
It was announced in the late 1960s that the Information Age had arrived. Those of you who were there will remember that following the week long party marking its arrival, we all calmly waited for the techno-prophets' predictions to beguile us. Beguiled...
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