Children's Technology and Engineering

Articles from Vol. 16, No. 4, May

BOOKS to BRIEFS Meet Jamela
Daly, N. (1999). Jameia's Dress. New York, NY: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux. ISBN: 0-374-35602-5 $16.00 USDDaly, N. (2001). What's Cooking, Jamela? New York, NY: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux. ISBN: 0-374-33667-9 $16.00 USDsummaryCurious, good-natured,...
EDITORIAL Culture and Technology
An issue of Technology and Children, titled "Exploring Culture," was developed in 2005 as a means to explore the links between technology and culture. During the last seven years - enriching ones forali involved - we have looked at the influence of technology...
Message from the Children's Council President the State of the Children's Council
This is an exciting time for technology and engineering. We just had a wonderful conference in Long Beach and are looking forward to record-breaking numbers in Columbus, Ohio next year, to celebrate our big 75th anniversary. Please join us, and make...
The Space Place: Dancing Lights Mystified Ancestors
Like draperies, curving sheets of green, red, and blue light ripple across the night sky. The stars shine in the background. Sometimes the sheets of light wave slowly and gracefully. Other times they shimmer or flicker as if being shaken.These are the...
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