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Articles from Vol. 79, No. 2, Spring

Climate and Biosphere: Dynamic Partners
Some ancient societies believed that climatic phenomena -- especially rainstorms -- represented a primal mating of the sky with the earth. This intuitive depiction has long been supplanted by scientific inquiry. Yet the essential fact remains: climate...
Decoding Weather and Climate by Using Global Positioning Systems Technology
The U.S. military created it decades ago, but now it is exploding onto the civilian scene with seemingly limitless applications. The Internet? No, it is global positioning system technology, better known simply as GPS. If you have heard of GPS, it is...
El Nino: A Predictable Climate Fluctuation
El Nino is so versatile and ubiquitous - he causes torrential rains in Peru and Ecuador, droughts and fires in Indonesia, and abnormal weather globally - that the term is now part of everyone's vocabulary; it designates a mischievous gremlin. Hence,...
Note from the Guest Editor
IN THIS ISSUE Weather and climate the stuff of hit movies, cartoons, and talk-show host routines. But how many of us really understand the inner workings of severe weather? Or why El Nino suddenly became the punch line of the 1990s? Or even how today's...
The Last Gift of Time: Life beyond Sixty
CAROLYN G. HEILBRUN. The Last Gift of Time: Life Beyond Sixty. New York: The Dial Press, 1997. 225 pages. $19.95. The baby boomers are aging. As we do, we are looking for guidance about how to live the last years of our (increasingly) long lives, and...
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