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Do Your Job-Applicant Tests Make the Grade?
Test validity is a tricky subject. So, if you want an 'A' from the EEOC, you'd better listen up, take notes and ask questions. Consider this your crash course in testing validity. It's really more like a "Cliff Notes" version of the full body of information...
Focusing Your Recruiting Efforts on Disabled Workers
Make the commitment Then take the steps to accommodate disabled employees in your workplace. As you struggle to fill a new position, do you ever wonder whether your job announcements are reaching the visually impaired? Do you wonder why people with physical...
Solve the Long-Distance Hiring Dilemma
Extend your reach to candidates nationwide, without incurring traditional long-distance recruitment costs. Time and money-to save one, often we spend the other. If you're short on time and you really need to wash your car, for example, you can pay a...
The Many Faces of HR in the Off-Broadway Drama: Recruiting
The process of recruiting is a nuisance to many hiring managers. It's just not the job they were hired to do. They would much rather be selling, marketing, drafting, proposing, creating, engineering. But, only the hiring manager can describe to the candidates...
The Try-before-You-Buy Method of Hiring
Let the temporary staffing service take all the risk. Try the temp-tohire approach to finding top candidates. If you think about it, life is full of arrangements that start off as temporary and end up lasting longer than expected: a visit by the house...
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