Journal of Humanistic Counseling

A scholarly journal devoted to the development of humanistic counseling and education practices in schools. Publishes original research and critical reviews emphasizing innovative programs and practices that promote tolerance, nurture diversity, and uphol

Articles from Vol. 53, No. 3, October

Humanism: The Foundation and Future of Professional Counseling
To begin the special issue and set the stage for the subsequent articles, the authors provide an overview of humanism. Specifically, the authors discuss ideological foundations, cultural barriers to the adoption of humanism, and visions for the future...
Humanistic Counseling Process, Outcomes, and Research
Humanistic approaches to counseling are particularly concerned with process, emphasizing the person of the client, the person of the counselor, and the therapeutic relationship. Process and outcomes in humanistic interventions are highly related and...
Humanistic Professional Identity: The Transtheoretical Tie That Binds
This article explores the intersectionality of professional identity and theoretical orientation relative to humanism. Evidence of the humanistic foundations of counseling practice is offered to highlight how humanistic professional identity evolves...
Principles of Quantitative Research in Counseling: A Humanistic Perspective
The nature of humanistic counseling research continues to be an ongoing ideological debate. The role of qualitative inquiry in humanistic counseling research is strongly established, but the manner in which quantitative research represents an appropriate...
The Synonymic Nature of Professional Counseling and Humanism: Presuppositions That Guide Our Identities
The authors present the argument that professional counseling is philosophically grounded in humanism. As evidence, 5 major presuppositions of professional counseling--relationality, development, empowerment, wellness, and social justice--are situated...
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